We are a professional turn-key company. Bastion Technologies offers a hassle-free one-stop experience from energy audits, lighting performance analysis, product assessments, lighting schedule and layout design, to the availability of fast growing product lines, retrofit financing and rebate programs and professional installations
One of the first thing Bastion Technologies does when starting a new project is a FREE full on-site analysis. We gather crucial data on your current lighting output and use special instruments to measure the quality of your light. After the initial analysis, our experienced lighting design team will plug in the data into the Visual-3D software where we can show our clients visually how their lighting can be improved by making the switch to commercial grade LED products. Our designers will work with you to determine the optimum solutions before you make the decision to purchase. Because of the unique nature of the LED technology, we are able to achieve better light coverage and eliminate dark spots in your space. While using the IES files, we are able to display visually what your final project will look like. This process is similar to what an architect does in designing a new space.
Did you know that utility companies issue rebates for qualified LED lighting upgrade? Businesses can now enjoy rebate incentive from the utility company by switching to the most efficient lighting technology currently available. Bastion Technologies works directly with the utility companies to secure rebates for your next LED lighting upgrade. Rebates are also available for new constructions and major renovations. All you have to do is schedule a free, no-obligation lighting audit with us, provide a copy of your most current electricity bill, and we will do the rest. Let us show you how much rebate you could potentially get before you make the decision to purchase!
Although the cost of LED lighting has been steadily decreasing in the last couple of years, the upfront cost of upgrading to LED lighting can be substantial to some businesses. Bastion Technologies works with industry leading financial institutions to provide our clients with a variaty of financing options, including the Commercial Property Assessed Clean Energy program (C-PACE). Qualified businesses can take advantage of low to no-down payment plans with low interest rates and flexible terms. The payments towards the loan is simply the amount of utility savings for the duration of the loan. After the loan is paid off, our clients continues to enjoy the full savings of their LED lighting upgrade for years to come. Contact us for more information.

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